Leaf lettuce market of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Deficit and potential lettuce market in Russian capitals in 2018 - 2020, forecasts up to 2023

Leaf lettuce market of Moscow and St. Petersburg
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  • Date: 03.06.2020
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Leaf letucce are a relatively new vegetable crop for Russia. In Soviet times letucce were practically unknown to most Soviet citizens, in commercial quantities they were not grown and sold. The active formation of consumer demand for leaf letucce began only in the XXI century. Domestic producers (vegetable industrial greenhouses) quickly caught a promising business direction and the first letucce complexes, using modern agricultural technologies, appeared in Russia about 20 years ago.

The cultivation of letucce and greenery in protected soil is gaining momentum along with the growing demand of Russians for a year-round healthy meal. The low price for a pot of leaf letucce or a portion of cut letucce with sufficiently large visible volumes attract people of all age and social groups, even with small incomes.

The largest consumer centers of fresh letucce are large cities, and above all Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In this study Growth Technology conducted an analysis of the current state of Russian leaf letucce market, calculated the balance of trade supply and demand, showed price trends and the impact of consumer preferences on prices in wholesale and retail. Also Growth Technology in this research predicted changes in sales volumes, prices and sales potential for domestic producers of letucce cultures.

The study will be useful for initiators of new letucce production projects in protected soil conditions of existing vegetable and specialized letucce greenhouses.

Research period

Retrospective analysis for 2018 - May 2020.
Forecast estimates to 2023.

Research methods

  • classic desk review, which includes content analysis of open and conditionally open sources: government statistics, customs statistics, print media, thematic and industry Internet portals, news sites, sites of enterprises, sites of local authorities, advertising materials, statistical regional bulletins;
  • own developments, the results of previous research, expert assessments and calculations, and forecast market modeling using author's methods of Growth Technology. The key factors and calculation logic used by the Contractor in the original methodology of forecast calculations within the research are provided without disclosing the methodology itself;
  • results of field research of network retail and wholesale markets in Moscow and Moscow Region in 2018 - 2020,
  • the results of field research of network retail and wholesale markets in St. Petersburg in 2018 - 2020.

The report on the results of a proactive study of the leaf lettuce market in Moscow and St. Petersburg in June 2020, consists of 81 pages of Arial 11, including 48 charts, 6 tables and 2 annexes.