Greenhouse business in Russia - 2007. Research for sale

Greenhouse business in Russia - 2007. Condition, tendencies, prospects, risks of industrial hothouses

Greenhouse business in Russia - 2007. Research for sale
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  • Date: 10.11.2007
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The report on the results of a proactive marketing study describes detail the history of the domestic industrial greenhouses, their development in the Soviet and "crisis" time compared with the global greenhouses market, as well as trends in the domestic greenhouse market.

Here it is identified real and potential capacity of the greenhouse market in Russia and Moscow region, including segments of basic food production. There are main financial and economic indicators of greenhouses and their dynamics, as well as the impact of the use of modern technology on the profitability of the greenhouse business.

Modern technologies of cultivation in protected ground are described, such as: drop irrigation, low valume technology, agronomics, power savings, lightculturing.

Analysts of Growth Technology Company compared business profiles of 50 largest greenhouse enterprises cultivating in closed ground of vegetables, green cultures, mushrooms, flowers, including such greenhouse industrial complexes as Yuzhny, Moskovsky, Belaia Dacha, Zavjalovsky, teplichnoie, Mokshanskaia roza, Kosino, Galantus.

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Сontent of the research Greenhouse business in Russia – 2007

1. Purposes

2. Introduction

3. Terminology and general concepts

  •  Types of greenhouses and greenhouses industrial complexes
  •  Norms

4. International experience of greenhouse production

  • The Netherlands
  • Japan
  • China
  • Great Britain
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Countries of former Soviet bloc
  • Ukraine

5. Greenhouse production in Russia

  • Development of greenhouses in the USSR and the post-Soviet territory
  • Current state of Russian greenhouse market
  • Volume of vegetable greenhouse production in Russia
  • Volume of vegetable greenhouse production in Moscow region
  • Volume of greens covered ground production in Russia
  • Volume of flowers covered ground production in Russia
  • Strategy and tactics for business development of greenhouse complex

6. Covered ground products

  • Cucumber
  • Greens
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers

7. Modern production technology of protected ground

  • Hydroponics
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Lightculture
  • Agronomy
  • Microclimate control
  • Energy saving
  • Old and new technology comparison

8. Major greenhouse market players

  • Flowers producers
  • Vegetables and greens producers
  • New projects in greenhouse business
  • Greenhouse projects closure / reduction

9. Greenhouses suppliers

10. Indicators of economic greenhouses activity 

  • Incomes
  • Costs
  • Investments
  • Profitability and recoupment

11. Main questions of new greenhouses building

  • Area
  • Cover
  • Lighting
  • Durability
  • Equipment
  • Integrated solution

12. Risks

13. Prospects for development of greenhouses production

14. Attachments

List of attachments


1. Concentration of greenhouse farms in Russia by Federal Districts

2. Major importers of fresh tomatoes in Russia

3. Major importers of fresh roses in Russia

4. Area under greenhouses in the world

5. Protected ground area in Russia

6. Protected ground area og greenhouse complexes at 1999

7. Market structure greenhouse compexes area in 1999

8. Russia's argest greenhouse complexes

9. Distribution of greenhouses, by region (area)

10. Distribution of greenhouses, by region (numbers of greenhouses)

11. Greenhouse building dynamics

12. Profitability dynamics of largest Moscow region greenhouses

13. Greenhouse production output dynamics

14. New greenhouse projects areas (till 2009)

15. Vegetable production in Russia

16. Largest by area greenhouse industrial complexes in Russia

17. Structure of greenhouse market in terms of vegetable production

18. Volume of vegetable greenhouse production output from industrial complexes in Russia

19. Main greenhouse industrial complexes in Moscow region (by area of covered soil)

20. Structure of greenhouse vegetable output in Moscow region

21. Productivity of vegetable greenhouse crops in Moscow region

22. Comparison of yields of vegetable greenhouses crops in Moscow region

23. Moscow region greenhouse market by vegetables production

24. Moscow region greenhouse market by greens production

25. Market shares of major Russian producers to cut flowers in 2005

26. Market shares of major Russian producers to cut flowers in 2007

27. Energy cost share dynamics

28. Greenhouse vegetables cost structure

29. Greenhouse industrial complexes profitability indicators

30. Profitability dynamics of Majorm greenhouse industrial coplexes 

31. Financial condition of greenhouse industrial compexes


1. Moscow region citizen vegetables production provision

2. List of largest and most efficient greenhouse enterprises

3. Existing policy of approaches of greenhouses development

4. Outcome of Moscow region greenhouse complexes in 2005

5. Productivity and economic efficiency of the culture parthenocarpic cucumber in three turns in Combinat Teplichny

6. Dynamics of yield of parthenocarpic cucumber hybrids grown in three turns

7. Vegetable production on small-volume technology for 2001 (in glass greenhouses)

8. Energy-saving measures in greenhouses

9. Comparison of the yield of greenhouse crops under different cultivation technologies

10. Comparison of financial results at different greenhouse  cultivation technologies

11. Evaluation of effectiveness of resource-saving measures

12. Greenhouses areas in Mytishchi, Moscow region

13. Approximate cost of greenhouse crops seed 

14. Approximate cost of greenhouse crops fertilizer

15. Examples of investment cost of greenhouse projects

16. Change the profitability by seasons (Combinat Teplichny, Vologda region, 2006)

17. Profitability dynamics of Agrofirma Metallurg, Belgorod region (12 hectares of greenhouses)

18. Greenhouses building risks

Scheme 1. Zonal system of mushroom cultivation in greenhouses


1.  Examples of industrial greenhouses cost

2. List of greenhouses industrial complexes , which are affiliated with Greenhouses of Russia

3. Russian greenhouse production indicators

4. Lighting zone in Russia