Greenhouse business of Russia – 2016

Condition, deficit and market potential of the Russian Federation in general and on districts in particular, in a segment of the protected soil vegetables

Greenhouse business of Russia – 2016
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  • Date: 14.04.2016
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The aim of the research is to evaluate the capacity of the organization and launching of new large-scale projects of industrial greenhouses in Russia as a whole, and by Federal Regions of the Russian Federation. In particular, the current market deficit of greenhouse vegetables domestic production is taken into consideration.

The research will be useful for potential investors of greenhouse complexes in Russia for determination of finished products marketing opportunities, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of fresh vegetables and greens from abroad to understand the logistics organization perspectives in Russia and specific regions of the Russian Federation.

The analysis can be used as a basis for formation of marketing assessment for new business projects for construction and modernization of the functioning greenhouse complexes for increasing production and sale of fresh vegetables to consumers in regions of the Russian Federation.

Calculations and forecasts of market development presented in the study are based on the aggregated market data obtained from the enterprises functioning in the greenhouse industry, Issuer's Reports, official statistics, business and branch field media, opinions of experts and also own information of the "Growth Technology", including the previous initiative analysis of the industry in 2007 - 2015. The period of the analysis covers 2000 to 2015, on some points – January, 2000-April, 2015.

"Growth Technology" provides custom-built pre-investment market researches of the market balance - supply and demand of protected soil vegetables in any area and region of Russia, and prepares an assessment of new industrial greenhouses projects commercial expediency in order to grant them to credit organizations and private investors.

Business profiles of industrial greenhouses and new greenhouse projects located in different regions of Russia are presented in the corresponding reports on Central, Volga, Southern, North Caucasian, Siberian and other Federal districts of Russia.

Full version of the analysis consists of 145 pages, including 26 appendices, 108 charts and 14 tables.

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  Information on research  5
1 The short review of conditions and tendencies of protected soil vegetables development in Russia 6
1.1 The general condition of the protected soil industry in Russia. Special features of greenhouse vegetable growing 6
1.2 Influence of embargo and depreciation of national currency on protected soil vegetable growing 9
1.3 State programs of the greenhouse industry support 14
1.4 Leading greenhouse complexes of the Russia. The short characteristics of the current activity and financial performance in 2015 18
1.4.1  JSC “Greenhouse complex “Youzhny”, Karachay-Cherkessia 18
1.4.2 LLC “Greenhouse complex “Maysky”, Republic of Tatarstan 19
1.4.3  JSC “Greenhouse complex “Moskovsky”, Moscow 19
1.4.4 JSC “Greenhouse complex “Teplichny”, Krasnodar Krai 19
1.4.5 JSC “State Farm “Teplichny”, Ivanovo region 20
1.4.6 LLC “Zelenaya Liniya”, Krasnodar Krai 20
1.4.7 GUSHP "State farm “Alekseevsky", Republic of Bashkortostan 20
1.4.8 CJSC “Vyborzhets”, Leningrad region 21
1.4.9 SUE “Teplichnoye”, Mordovia 22
1.4.10 JSC “State Farm Spring”, Saratov region 22
1.5 Rating of the largest the protected soil enterprises of Russia based on gross yield and revenue according to the results of 2015 23
2 Greenhouse vegetables output in Russia 27
2.1 Structure of greenhouse vegetables production by districts 27
2.2 General and district dynamics of volumes of production of protected soil vegetables in Russia for the last 7 years 29
2.3 Structure of protected soil vegetables by producer and range 31
3 Provision of the population with greenhouse vegetables local production 35
3.1 Estimated per capita production of greenhouse vegetables by regions of the Russia in 2015 35
3.2 Provision of the population with greenhouse vegetables of local production according to the standards of IP of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2015 36
3.3 Deficit of local vegetables production by regions of the Russia according to the standards of IP of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2015 38
4 Import of fresh vegetables to Russia in 2015 40
4.1 Import volume of the main greenhouse vegetable to the Russia 40
4.2 Structure of import by supplier countries in 2015 42
4.3 Dynamics of the main greenhouse cultures import in 2010 – 2015 in physical and monetary terms 46
5 Area of industrial greenhouses 49
5.1 The operated areas of the protected soil in the Russia in 2015, by districts 49
5.2 Dynamics of protected soil areas change by districts of the Russia 51
5.3 Structure of the protected soil areas in Russia 56
6 Geography of new greenhouse projects 58
6.1 Central Federal District of the Russia 59
6.2 Volga Federal District 61
6.3 Ural federal district 63
6.4 Southern Federal District 65
6.5 North Caucasus federal district 67
6.6 Northwest Federal district 69
6.7 Siberian Federal District 71
6.8 Far East federal district 73
6.9 Share of modern greenhouses in the general structure of the protected soil areas in the Russia, by districts 75
7 Selling prices of fresh vegetables 78
7.1 Average annual cucumbers and tomatoes selling prices of industrial greenhouses  78
7.2 Dynamics of the average annual greenhouse vegetables selling prices in 2009-2015 80
7.3 Seasonality of greenhouse vegetables selling prices 84
8 Consumption prices of fresh vegetables 86
8.1 Average annual consumer prices of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes of the Russia, by districts 86
8.2 Dynamics of average annual fresh vegetables consumer prices in 2008-2015, by districts 88
8.3 Seasonality of fresh vegetables consumer prices 92
9 Conclusions of the analysis 94
9.1 Estimated indicators of domestic production deficit by the type of greenhouse vegetables, including regions of the Russia 94
9.2 Deficit of the modern protected soil areas by regions of the Russia 96
9.3 Plans for construction and launching of new industrial greenhouses in Russia 98
9.4 Implementation prospects assessment of new greenhouse projects in the Russia in general and in regions 100
10 Appendix 106