Supply and demand market of greenhouse vegetable production in Southern Federal District of Russian Federation - 2008

Supply and demand market of greenhouse vegetable production in Southern Federal District of Russian Federation - 2008. Research for sale

Supply and demand market of greenhouse vegetable production in Southern Federal District of Russian Federation - 2008
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Purpose of the present work is:

  • Estimation of potential of the market of industrial plant growing in the closed ground for acceptance of management decision to establish a greenhouse complex in the Rostov region

  Tasks of the present work are:Задачами настоящей работы являются:

  • to describe the general situation in the Russian market of industrial greenhouses at the current moment and tendencies of its development;

  • to define approximate volumes, structure and features of a consumer demand for greenhouse vegetable production in the Central, Volga Federal Districts, Rostov region and Russia as a whole;

  • to define main kinds of greenhouse production which are grown up in closed ground of industrial greenhouses of specified regions, manufacture structure by production kinds, approximate volumes of output;

  • to reveal basic manufacturers of greenhouse production in the specified regions, structure and volumes of their offers, specialization in production kinds, applied agrotechnologies, volumes of output and channels of production realization;

  • to find the information on new projects on closed ground vegetables cultivation in Rostov region and nearby federal districts, their specialization and plans;

  • to reveal the basic retail networks in investigated region. Their arrangement, scale, approximate floor spaces and quantity of points of sales. Presence of greenhouse production offers;

  • to define demanded types of greenhouse production packing and prepacking in retail. Tendencies of new kinds of packing use in different formats of retail trade;

  • to define values of the prices of greenhouse production sales in retail to final buyers, seasonal prevalence influence.

Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts are the most favorable from the point of view of environmental conditions for greenhouse manufacture in comparison with any other region of Russian Federation. Development of logistics and road transport in the territory allows to count on successful realization of commercial ventures in branch of the closed ground.

Research will be useful for:

  • initiators of new greenhouse projects in the south of Russia and adjacent regions for an estimation of potential of region and its prospects from the point of view of a choice of scale of business and its specialization, and also an estimation of level of a competition and a consumer demand;

  • owners and managers of working industrial greenhouses for use of successful branch experience, comparison of current indicators of activity, a choice of directions for modernization and development of the greenhouse projects, definition of trade channels of production and increase of profitability of business;

  • investors and creditors of new projects and modernization of greenhouse business for definition of expediency of investments in concrete projects, comparisons of their advantages and an estimation of risks of investments;

  • representatives of administrative authorities in southern region for definition of current position of branch of greenhouse vegetable growing and floriculture in the district / area / territorial formation and a choice of directions of stimulation of local manufacturers and investors;

  • manufacturers of the hothouse equipment, constructions, systems, expendable materials, suppliers and partners of industrial greenhouses, distributors, the wholesale grocery companies and trading networks, for a choice of directions of cooperation with industrial greenhouses.

As a part of the project of greenhouse business researches in the south of Russia, Growth Technology Company offers individual marketing and economic feasibility of constructing and / or modernization of industrial greenhouses in each of the territorial entities in the SFD and SKFO that may become part of the final business project.

Contents of the report "Market demand and supply of greenhouse vegetable production in the Rostov Region and the Southern Federal District of Russia as a whole"

1. The information on research

1.2. Research methods

1.3. The research period

1.4. Research region

1.5. Used information sources

2. Introduction

3. Greenhouse manufacture in Russia

3.1. Current condition of the greenhouse market in Russia

3.2. Volume of vegetables output in the protected ground in Russia

3.3. Volume of greens output in the protected ground in Russia

4. Protected ground manufacture products

4.1. Cucumbers

4.2. Tomato

4.3. Eggplant

4.4. Pepper

4.5. Greens

4.6. Mushrooms

5. Main players of the market: greenhouse enterpriseы

5.1. Greenhouse enterpriseы of the Central Federal district

5.1.1. JSC Agroindustrial complex Moskovsky, Moscow Region

5.1.2. Companies group «Belaia Dacha, Moscow Region

5.1.3. JSC «Hothouse industrial complex Zarechie, Moscow Region

5.1.4. JSC Obiedinennye technologies Ltd., Moscow

5.1.5. Voronezh greenhouse industrial complex, Voronezh region

5.1.6. Agrofirm Kultura, Bryansk region

5.1.7. JSC Kalininskoie, Tver region

5.1.8. SUE Teplichnoie, Tambov region

5.1.9. SUE Industrial complex Teplichny, Vladimir region

5.2. Southern Federal District Russian Federation

5.2.1. SUE Agroindustrial complex Yuzhny, Karachaevo-Circassia

5.2.2. Agrofirm Sad-Gigant, Krasnodar territory

5.2.3. GIC Ovoshchevod (JSC Radezh), Volgograd region

5.2.4. Solnechnoie Ltd., Rostov region

5.2.5. AIC XXI vek Ltd., the Rostov region

5.2.6. JSC Nezhinskoie, Stavropol Territory

5.2.7.JSC Raduga, Adygei

5.2.8. AIC Teplichny, Krasnodar territory

5.2.9. JSC Progress, Timashevsk, Krasnodar territory

5.3. Privolzhsky Federal District Russian Federation

5.3.1. AIC May Ltd., Kazan, Tatarstan Republic

5.3.2. Zhdanovsky Ltd., Nizhnegorodsky region

5.3.3. Teplichnoie, Ulyanovsk region

5.3.4. Greenhouse industrial complexZavjalovsky Ltd., Udmurt Republic

5.3.5. JSC State farm Vesna, Saratov region

5.3.6. GIC Permsky and Mullinsky, Perm region

5.3.7. SUE State farm Alekseevsky, Bashkorstan Republic

5.4. New projects in greenhouse business (vegetables)

5.4.1. GIC Anapa, Krasnodar territory

5.4.2. GIC Belorechensky, Rostov region

5.4.4. GIC Baltimore, Astrakhan region

5.4.5. JSC Teplichnoie, v. Sadovy, Sverdlovskaia region

6. Conclusions

7. Attachments

Attachment 1. List of greenhouse enterprises which are included into association of Greenhouse of Russia

Attachment 2.1. Greenhouse enterprises. Central Federal District Russian Federation

Attachment 2.2. Greenhouse enterprises. Southern Federal District Russian Federation

Attachment 2.3. Greenhouse enterprises. Privolzhsky Federal District Russian Federation