Experts expect the berry harvest to decline in 2020


The harvest of berries and, possibly, fruit in Russia in 2020 compared to last year may be markedly lower due to spring frosts in the southern regions, but prices do not necessarily rise - manufacturers and retailers will take into account the purchasing power of the population, according to industry participants interviewed by RIA News.

Tamara Reshetnikova, Director General of Growth Technology Research Company, notes that under normal conditions, due to the reduction of own production and logistics limitations, prices would have increased, "but in the current situation the factor of reduced solvency of the population acts as a counterbalance, which does not allow to raise prices neither for producers, nor for networks".

According to Reshetnikova of Growth Technology, producers' operating costs are rising against the backdrop of a weaker rouble and high dependence of industrial gardens on foreign supplies of planting material, fertilisers, crop protection products, consumables and components.

Authors of the article: RIA News journalists

The full text of the article can be read on "RIA News" site from 05.06.2020