"Eco-Culture" is building a greenhouse complex in Tula region


Holding "Eco-Kultura" may invest about 25 billion rubles in the construction of a greenhouse complex "Tulsky". The project will be implemented in three stages, the first stage worth 7.8 billion rubles has already been completed, the press service of Tula Region Government reported. Investment agreement on the construction of a greenhouse complex was signed in 2016 at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Previously, the volume of investment was estimated at 22.6 billion rubles, recalls "Interfax".

Tamara Reshetnikova, Director General of Growth Technology Company, told "Agroinvestor" that now only greenhouse complexes of large agricultural holdings are being built in Russia. First of all, these are "Eco-Kultura", "Rost" Group and GC "Gorkunov" Group. These players are the largest in Russia and continue construction. The single complexes are either completing the final stages or freezing all their plans for the near future, the expert says. The only exception is the Far Eastern company "Lotus", which is continuing construction. "There are many reasons for this: the decline in overall consumer demand in Russia against a background of falling incomes of the population, and the decline in incomes of enterprises that could be consumers of greenhouse vegetables - in the first place, it is HoReCa, and the main problem - the uncertainty with the Russian economy. The ruble is now weak and it is not known what will happen next, and greenhouse complexes are directly dependent on the exchange rate," Reshetnikova explains.

According to her, in a difficult market situation the new complexes, which have not survived the stressful situation with falling demand and sales of their products, will not stop working, but will simply move to new owners, who are usually associated with holdings. It is easier for them to manage several greenhouse complexes, they are able to organize sales flows more efficiently in terms of logistics, especially if the player has a small range of products. "Consolidation in the greenhouse business started very brightly last year, and in 2020 it became even stronger," - says Reshetnikova.

Author of article: Ekaterina Shokurova
The full text of article it is possible to find in the Agroinvestor magazine, news of 20.02.2019