A plant for production of frozen vegetables and berries will be launched in Lipetsk region


In October "Agrobitkholod" company will launch a plant for processing of vegetables, mushrooms and berries on the territory of the regional level SEZ "Terbuny" in Lipetsk region, the administration of the region reports. The plant will sort, wash, clean, cut, and perform temperature processing (freezing) of products. Capacity of the plant will be 100 thousand tons of finished products per year, it will be produced under the brand name "4 seasons". Investments into the project amount to RUB 1.6 billion.

Tamara Reshetnikova, Director General of Growth Technology Company, told "Agroinvestor" that near Lipetsk there are large producers of berries in the open air. In the region there is a plant that freezes seasonal berries for their further use during the year for the production of mashed potatoes and fruit fillers for dairy products. This area is very popular in Russia now, because most of the fruit fillers are imported from abroad, although our country can produce a significant part of them on its own, she said.
Abroad, most of the berries grown are processed, after which they are purchased by Russia, Reshetnikova draws attention. We still have very few plants for processing of fruit and vegetable products, so there are certainly very good prospects for the new plant, provided that it will use modern technologies for processing, and products - to meet all quality standards and be affordable to end consumers, she adds.

Also very attractive is the processing of fruits and vegetables for baby food, Reshetnikova continues. Now most of it is purchased abroad. "For baby food we can also grow organic products ourselves: we have much more areas with good ecology, compared to the same France, Italy or Germany. The plant that is now being opened near Lipetsk will in any case be insufficient for our country," she is sure. At the same time, if the company pursues the right procurement policy, it will have no problems with raw materials.

Author of article: Ekaterina Shokurova

The full text of article it is possible to find in the Agroinvestor magazine, news of 24.09.2019