The greenhouse project has moved to heat


Donetsk LLC "PMT" in partnership with the capital LLC NPF "Phyto" plans to build a greenhouse complex of 11.7 hectares for year-round cultivation of vegetables and green crops with a capacity of 12 thousand tons per year - this is written in the report of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Rostov region.

- It's more profitable to sell in your region within a radius of 300-400 km than to drive somewhere far away," said Tamara Reshetnikova, director general of the research company Growth Technology - The products lose their freshness very quickly, and consumers are ready to pay high enough price for greenhouse vegetables only if it is really the right quality. The new player will have all chances to take over the local market, displacing products supplied from other regions and from abroad. The Rostov region has a great potential - a lot of people live here in cities, quite good average income per capita, but only one modern high-performance industrial greenhouses - "Donskaya Usadba", and this is clearly not enough. I think the two projects can work together quite well. I do not take into account such farms as "Solnechnoye", "Novocherkassk Greenhouse Plant". These greenhouses can grow vegetables only part of the year when there is enough sunlight and minimum heating is needed.

Tamara Reshetnikova suggested that the new greenhouse complex will grow both cucumbers and tomatoes, as the Rostov region needs both vegetables, especially in the off-season.

According to Growth Technology, 1.3 million tons of commercial greenhouse vegetables were produced in Russia in 2019, the last two years the growth is kept at 15% due to the fact that several large greenhouse complexes have reached the design capacity.

The author of the article: Lubov Kononova

The full text of the article can be read in the article of the Rostov business portal "City N" dated 09.03.2020.