Import of sweet peppers to Siberia are growing rapidly


As part of the marketing research of greenhouse products market balance in the Irkutsk Region, Growth Technology Company has studied the dynamics of fresh sweet pepper import to the Siberian District over the last 5 years.

Foreign deliveries of sweet pepper in natural size to many Siberian regions and the Irkutsk Region, in particular, are growing annually. According to the current data of the Federal Customs Service, only 291 tons of this vegetable were imported through the customs of Irkutsk in 2015, and by the end of 2019 the region received almost 26 times more bell pepper (almost 8 thousand tons).

It was sweet cube pepper that became the main crop imported to the Irkutsk region last year - its share in the total supply of fresh vegetables of the greenhouse group and lettuce leaf to the region was 65% in natural terms.

Almost 100% of the imported peppers to Siberia and the Far East come from neighboring China. Due to the increase in the area of greenhouse shelters in China and, consequently, the harvest and domestic competition, the average annual price of Chinese pepper at the customs offices of the Irkutsk region for the last 5 years fell by 15%. In 2019 the price indicator was at the lowest level of $1.03/kg.

At the same time, consumer pepper prices in Irkutsk retail chain have grown by 25% on average in the last year alone (according to the results of Growth Technology field measurements in Irkutsk Region chains).

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